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In Cuba

What we will see & do:

The 38th Annual Havana Jazz Festival Opens on January 22nd until the 30th in venues around the city. ‘Special – Travel Challenge Tour for the People,’ to Cuba' will feature many of these activities attending and Visiting various Cuban events & institutions such as visits to the Museum of the Revolution, Visit to Rum and Tobacco Museum, City Tour of Old & Central Havana, Meeting with the CDR, CTC, CFM, I-CAP, etc., as well as, meeting with US Students from ELAM (The Latin American School of Medicine), Meeting with representatives from UNEAC/Cultural Artist, Museum of the Santeria in Guanabacoa and it Afro-Cuban community, to visiting 'Callejon de Hamel', to enjoy Afro-Cuba dance and tradition, to health care institution/s, and having a discussion on Race with internationally known Cuban intellectuals. These are just some of the activities that may be included in your organized program, in addition to transportation from the airport and on the ground while there, a tour guide, private bus excursion, 3- star hotel, double occupancy, two meals a day, your visa, and a round trip air flight from Cancun to Cuba. Join us and Come & See Cuba 4 Yourself!

What is the African Awareness Association?

"Africans in Friendship with Cuba"


We are building a bridge of understanding and friendship with our neighbors. the African Awareness Association Inc. was created in the late 1980's in Richmond, VA as a political/cultural organization that seeks to politically educate, inform and document the history of African

people and their contributions to humanity. We are also a part of the International Pan-African movement to unite Africa and all Africans around the world.


Some of AAA, Inc., objectives are: Freedom to travel  and to challenge the US blockade of Cuba


 To help put an end to the embargo/blockade and travel restrictions

 To serve as a fact finding mission where one can get firsthand knowledge of the present situation in Cuba

 To have an open exchange (dialogue) with representatives from various institutions and

governing bodiesin Cuba

 To get a better understanding of the operation of the socialist government of Cuba and how it impacts on Cuban citizens and the rest of the world (How it Works?)

 To help foster a closer relationship between the African & underserved communities in the States and the Cuban people


Programs of the African Awareness Association


 To create and develop an annual African Cultural International Festival and a 'Cuban Appreciation Weekend' to be held in Richmond, VA and/or on the East Coast of the US (a book & film festival will be a main focus).

 To develop a cross cultural exchange program giving African youth and students a chance to

study and to learn abroad (Africa, Caribbean and Central & South America).

 To develop an informational resource center, where information on the history and struggles of

African people born in America will be shared with our brothers and sisters throughout the

Diaspora and vice versa.

 To assist various cultural, political movements and institutions: such as African Liberation Day,

Kwame Ture Work-Study Institute and Freedom to Travel Challenges, etc.

You can support the work of African Awareness Association Inc. by making a donation $$$ and send it to: AAA Inc., P.O. Box 4433, Richmond, VA 23220; we welcome an invitation to visit your community to speak on Cuba and its importance to our people's and communitie's daily struggles.

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