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Richmond, Virginia, USA

To: Lee Robinson <>
Subject: A Salute To The Cuban People
Date: Jan 17, 2018 7:35 AM

African Awareness Association Inc.
P.O. Box 4433 - Richmond, VA 2320 – U.S.A.
Email: aficanawarenessassociation2@gmail


Motto: Africans in Friendship with Cuba



January 17, 2018

A Salute on the 59th Anniversary of the Victory of the Cuban

African Awareness Association commemorates on the 59th anniversary of the victory of the Cuban Revolution (January 1, 2018) on this day, Attempts at enumerating the significance of the Cuban Revolution can never be expressed by mere words.

The heroic Cuban Revolution serves both as an example and catalyst of possibilities. Self- sacrifice is indeed a desired trait but implementing self-sacrifice often resides in the realm of theory, rarely implemented programmatically. The ability to internalize self-sacrifice and impart such a principle to a nation speaks to motivational prowess, by its leaders. This type of focus is desperately desired throughout the revolutionary world and because of the magnanimous example established by the Cubans, inspiration in the revolutionary world is more palpable-beneficiaries of an idea Cubans incorporated in struggle.

The example of Cuban Revolution is an element of struggle increasingly relevant to the world today. Human freedom is often discussed but the defining character of what constitutes human freedom continues to ambiguous. Cuban revolution sharply defines human freedom as the right to self actualization of all humanity, making it possible for humans to reach their highest potential unfetter from institutional policy which seeks to preserve divisions among humans. Eradication of social distinction is important but can only be achieved by institutions that are committed to the cause of human development. Indeed, the Cuban Revolution epitomizes the focus of human development and as a result serves as a beacon of what society could become.

In a world consume with material deprivation, injustice, marginalization of society, it very easy to conclude humankind is relegated, if not-moving toward catastrophe. Certainly, imperial nations work tireless to create the perception that alternative reality is simply delusionary thinking and the only way to organize society is the exploitation and marginalization of its members. Analyzing the Cuban Revolution a different picture emerges. This small country has achieved the perceived
impossible. A well educated citizenry, reduction of poverty, one of best medical systems in the world, and the process of eradicating racial and/or sexual discrimination. Understandably, the envy expressed by imperial nations to undo the Cuban Revolution abounds. Despite it all, the Cuban Revolution continues to stand tall. Secure in its belief that someday human society will evolve to the point where Cuban’s  contribution will no longer be perceived as threat but a paradigm to be emulated and respected.

Long live the Cuban Revolution

Invitation from ICAP to attend and Participate in the Che Guevara International Brigade. October 1-15, 2017


Dear friend:


Please receive the fraternal and cordial greetings of the Cuban Institute of Friendship (ICAP) with the Peoples.


On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara, ICAP invites all friends to participate in the second edition of the International Brigade “On the Road of Che.” This brigade will be composed of delegations from around the world interested in knowing about Che’s legacy in Cuba and in reaffirming their solidarity with the Cuban Revolution.


The objectives of the brigade are to contribute to a greater understanding of the Cuban reality. Voluntary work will carried out in support of agricultural development and the country’s productive sphere. Visits will be made to important centers linked to Che in the provinces of Havana, Pinar del Río, Santa Clara and Sancti Spíritus.


The program also includes visits to places of historical, economic, cultural and social interest in the capital as well as in the provinces. In addition, a discussion will take place on the significance of Che’s thought as it relates to the current reality in Cuba, as well as meetings with organizations from our society.


The duration of the program is 14 nights of which 9 will be in the “Julio Antonio Mella” International Camp (CIJAM) located in the municipality of Caimito 45 km from the city of Havana, and 5 nights in provincial hotels.


The program in Cuba will cost CUC 597 and includes accommodation (in shared rooms up to 5 people each in the case of CIJAM), full meals, transfer in-out and transportation for all program activities.


The agricultural work days will take place in the surrounding areas of CIJAM. Created in 1972, this Camp has adequate conditions to satisfy collective life and the needs of people who visit us from different parts of the world.


Through participating, the brigadista is making a commitment to comply with the planned program and to properly observe standards of conduct, discipline and social coexistence.


It would please us greatly to have your presence in the Brigade, which is why we cordially invite you to participate.


Registration will be open to interested parties until September 10, 2017. Please keep us informed of your date, time and flight arrival through this email address:

Contact the Chicago Cuba Coalition for more information at: 

Call: 312-952-2618; Message us on our Facebook page:

Email us at:

If you are interested in going to Cuba, please contact us at

"MWM" Is On The Move, AND


Media Advisory


For Immediate Release: October 10, 2016

For more information contact:



MWM "Direct Action" Petition Campaign Begins October 30th for Signage/Historical Plague to Recognize the 1965 Girard College Protest, The Osage Avenue Bombing (1985), and the Million Woman March (1997)


Philadelphia, PA


With the upcoming official National Million Woman March announcement

(Press Conference will be held on October 25, 2016 in Philly, PA) launching the Kick Off for the long awaited REUNION of the original and historic Million Woman March, taking place in October 2017, several initiatives are presently being placed into motion during the MWM 19th year anniversary commemoration and in that the implementation of Phase 1 of the MWM "BlacXPrint" 2020 national and international Direct Action agenda and programming.   


While the MWM "20" Reunion (2017) will place a major focus on the "Raising Up the Mother of Civilization" another key platform goal and priority is the obtainment of a million signatures that will be taken, first, to the United Nations, then into related international courts and venues as a part of MWM's"We Charge Genocide" 21 ("WCG"21) Project.  The "WCG" 21 Project along with the "National Campaign for the Elimination of Violence and Abuse of Women and Girls of African Descent" will take groundbreaking  leaps and bounds in the necessary work that must now be seriously applied to eradicate ALL forms of violence and abuses inflicted upon Black/African women and girls (and also our Elders) and the struggle for real freedom and Justice for our People and in that full "de facto" Human Rights remedies, restitution, etc.. 


On October 30, 2016, National MWM will hold its second annual "African Heritage Day" Festival and Parade with the festivities being held on the grounds of the historicBerean Institute located at 19th & Girard Ave. (North Philly) 

(NOTE: The Berean Institute in now the home of an incredible technical school, under the direction of Mr. Sherman McLeod, that provides instructions and hands on training for Welding, Automotive Tech & Repair, and Manufacturing and Automation.  Learn more about the Phila Technical Training Institute

The AHD Festival and Parade is one of several annual events linked to official DA Units of the MWM Universal Movements. The National MWM African Historical Preservation Society (of PA) is the first (in contemporary times) independent national "freedom society" and Self-Determination oriented structured  entity/group, formed by a Black/African woman in North American, designed to qualitatively document, archive, research, train, educate, and  preserve the history of Black/African women in particular and Black/African people in general throughout the US. 


Last year the focus was recognizing, teaching, and celebrating History of African people in the South Philly This year the focus is on some of North Philly's great Black History.  Historical figures highlighted this year will include: 

Senator Roxanne Jones, Cecil B. Moore and his Freedom Fighters, Father Paul Washington, Rev. Leon Sullivan and the organizations of the Black Panther Party and of  course theUNIA-ACL  (both had Movements and headquarters in that North Philly area) 


This year's African Heritage Day theme is: Celebrating, Keeping, and Continuing the Legacy of Our Great History, Contributions, and the Spirit of Resistance: Taking Our Rightful Places, Strengthening Our families and  and Taking Back Our Communities.


The MWM "AHD" 2016 Parade/Procession and Motorcade will assemble at Progress Plaza (near Broad St. and Montgomery Ave), down Broad St to Girard Ave, down Girard  Ave. to the Girard College Wall (20th & Girard Ave,) for the first Kick Off Rally for Plaque Petition Campaign and then over to the Berean Institute. 

AHD Participates are asked to bring their cars for the motorcade, drums and other musical instruments or sound making items for the procession and Rally, and also signs, Red, Black, and Green and Nation/Country flags, any historically related pictures, stories, pictures of Black/African Sheroes and Heroes as well as the names and photos of ancestor family members and loved ones for the Ancestral Salute


Volunteers and Performing Artist Wanted:  For Vending and other information contact  or call 267-636-3802






1965 Protest and Demonstrations to Desegregation Girard College and that successfully broke the Will of Stephen Girard who bequeathed that his school/estate would be for white onlyorphaned males  


1985 MOVE Bombing where 11 Men, Women, and Children were killed


The first Mass (the bringing together of a million plus participants) Assembly, specifically for Black/African Women (and girls), founded and initially funded by a Black woman that is to date the Largest Gathering in the World of Women anywhere, ever, (2.5 million) and shall forever be as it pertains to gatherings in the 20th century  (October 25, 1997, Philly, PA)


AAA., Inc. 2012 Travel Challenge, delegation to Cuba

AAA on WPFW-FM, Washington, DC - "Voices with Visions" 5-31-2016

Unknown TrackUnknown Artist


Dear Comrades:

The Organization of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and
Latin America (OSPAAAL) and ALBA Cultural House are pleased
to invite the Tricontinental Audiovisual Space No. 36: "Unity,
Solidarity and Internationalism with African sister nations "
dedicated to Africa Day, the 53rd anniversary of the founding of the OAU
(25.05.1963) and the 14th anniversary of the establishment of the African Union (07.09.2002).


 The activity will take place on Friday May 20 at 3:00 pm, in the ALBA Cultural House, located at Calle Line, corner D, y Vedado.


With the desire to have your solidarity and commitment presence, receive a fraternal greeting,


Lourdes Cervantes Vázquez

General Secretary of the OSPAAL

MrsSarahPierce on



The African Awareness Association Inc. invites you  to view and listen to rare and unique perspectives of 'Revolutionary Voices from Cuba,' on the current 'US & Cuba Relations.' The programs will air on Friday, Saturday & Sunday for the weekend of May 13 - 15, 2016, from 10:00 am - 11:30 am, on Comcast Cablevision TV - Channel 95. The documentaries interviews will feature Professor, Dr. Nestor Garcia Iturbe (Rep.of International Institute of Foreign Affairs of Cuba/UN & Mercedes Vivian Charles ( 5th Year US Medical Student at ELAM in Cuba).  For ore information on this program and upcoming activities by African Awareness Association, please see the enclosed flyer attached and our website:

In Solidarity,

African Awareness Association



May 8, 2016


Dear NNOC Friends,


We are writing to encourage you to attend an important solidarity with Cuba conference.  The VIII Continental Meeting in Solidarity with Cuba will take place in the Dominican Republic from July 28 through July 30, 2016. For these who can arrive a day earlier there will be an optional all day activity on July 27 in Baní.


This will be only the third time that people from the United States will have been invited to participate.  National Network On Cuba members and other Cuba solidarity activists also attended the VI and VII meetings in Mexico and Venezuela.


As you will see from the attached agenda, the issues and challenges of the history of colonialism and occupation will be included in the meeting.  The Cuban delegation will be led by ICAP President Kenia Serrano and the topics of the blockade, normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba, the challenge of the occupied territory of Guantanamo, and the continuing U.S. led campaign to illegally subvert Cuban sovereignty will be addressed.


Participants will have a chance to interact and strategize with other Cuba solidarity activists from the Americas and the Caribbean. It is important to learn from our neighbors in the region and also to make sure that the voice of those in the United States who have for many years supported Cuban sovereignty and continue to do so be heard at this meeting.


Again please attend this meeting, publicize its importance, and share solidarity with Cuba and learn about how Cuba continues to offer solidarity in its interactions with its neighbors. 


The registration deadline is June 30, 2016, so make your plans now.


In solidarity,
NNOC co-chairs


Banbose Shango

Cheryl LaBash

Alicia Jrapko

Greg Klave

Nalda Vigezzi

The Dominican Republic's Solidarity with Cuba Campaign and the Puerto Rico Committee for Solidarity with Cuba, in accordance with the responsibility assumed in Caracas, Venezuela, are pleased to extend their warmest and most fraternal greetings in notifying you that the 8th Continental Gathering in Solidarity with Cuba, will be held from July 28 - 30 2016 in the city of Santo Domingo.  As is customary, coordination of the event will be shared with the Cuban Institute for Friendship among Peoples (ICAP).


In keeping with this heartfelt commitment, we invite you to this important occasion where we will discuss current topics involving solidarity with Cuba in the new period. Cuba is the country that for over half a century has resisted the US government's hostile and genocidal policy with heroism and bravery.


The 8th Gathering will also include, among its topics of discussion and debate, the processes that are taking place regionally, the projections for continental solidarity, and the development of new initiatives aimed at strengthening integration, unity, and the defense of our nations' sovereignty and independence.


We will come together under the slogan of ¡FOR THE UNITY AND INTEGRATION OF OUR PEOPLES!,  and we aspire to fulfill our commitment to strengthen the ties of friendship and brotherhood that we share with our sister Republic of Cuba.  In the world that we live Cuba has become the universal reference point for dignity and resistance in the face of harassment, increases in war, and the constant attempts of subversion and threats by the empire.


We hope we can count on your presence in Santo Domingo. We look forward to having you and the valuable contributions and initiatives that you can bring to enrich our collective experiences in the struggle against the criminal blockade and the political- ideological media disinformation campaign. Out of this gathering we hope to come away with a strengthening in our working strategy for the continental solidarity with Cuba movement.


For further information, please contact: (Milagros Rivera, Puerto Rico), (Alfonso Torres Ulloa, Dominican Republic) and  ICAP at: 


For the Organizing Committee, Dominican Republic Solidarity with Cuba Campaign, Puerto Rico Solidarity with Cuba Committee, and Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples 

Registration Form


Due date to register June 30, 2016


Please complete the registration form and send it back by email to the following addresses: Alfonso Torres Ulloa: and Milagros Rivera: 


View the Program


Housing Information


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Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 22455, Oakland, CA 94609
Phone number: 617 254 9070
Our email address is:
VIsit our webpage:

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Lee Robinson, on WPFW-FM (Washington, DC) "What's at Stake" 

Wednesday April 27, 2016 

on Traveling with the AAA, Inc. to Cuba 

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