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Travel Challenges to Cuba via Cancun, Mexico.

We will travel from Cancun, Mexico to Cuba on a 7 day, tour, starting day, April 2025. We will visit various communities (emphasis on Afro-Cuban communities) of In and around Havana. We will enjoy the culture, history and the life of the people. We will return back to the U.S. on May, 2025.


Typical for Havana is the many offerings of apartments at extremely low prices in the center of the city. The apartments are clean, neat, well-stocked with kitchen appliances, and efficient, friendly staff.  


In Havana, we will stay at the historic Hotel Colina.

The Colina is generally regarded as the coziest and friendliest of Vedado’s budget hotels. It is located between the University and the Hotel Habana Libre.

The 80 rooms are basic, with air-con, satellite TV, and intermittent hot water, plus there’s a good people-watching sidewalk café just off the reception. Though not exactly luxurious, it’s a good option if you like the location and want a good price.


Located in the Vedado area, in front of the bicentennial University of Havana, Colina Hotel is just a few minutes’ walk from the well-known corner of 23rd and L streets, one of the social and cultural centers of the city.

Breakfast & Dinner

Breakfast and dinner will be served at the hotel, except for the case of special occasions when we will sample the best of Cuban cuisine.

In Havana, we will eat at LaFloridita, a restaurant famous as a spot where Ernest Hemingway spent a lot of time. Other famous restaurants with delicious cuisine will also be visited. We will also visit the world-famous 'Capellia' ice cream Pavillion.

Events, Parties & Celebrations 

when we will arrive in Havana we will have the opportunity to see many famous sites and visit individuals and communities. Before leaving we will be guests at ICAP and then depart Havana back to Cancun.

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